"I’m not really one for the whole fame game. I love to act and I’m not going to pretend I don’t like the money that comes with it, the freedom it affords me and the things I can do with that money for the people I love."

"If the Supernatural universe could crossover to any other universe which one would you choose?"

A lot of my friends ask to touch my head. I just stand there and get stroked for five minutes. It’s a free massage.


Charlie Hunnam’s message to the audience @ SOA comic con 2014 panel-x


I work at a theater and we just got these I cannot believe this

J’ai créé un monstre.

Lviv, Ukraine (by Andriy Prokopenko)


Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Leaving her hotel in Paris


Barbara Palvin on We Heart It.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson photographed by Greg Williams for Esquire UK, September 2012